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    application of aluminum strontium
    发布人:Qinhuangdao Aolaide Aluminum Industry Technology C    发布时间:2013-12-18
    Aluminum strontium alloy

    Modification of the morphology of the silicon phase in aluminum silicon alloy castings from coarse platelets to fine fibrous eutectic structure results in improved soundness and mechanical properties, particularly ductulity. The use of strontium to "modify" the structure of aluminum silicon casting alloys is a very effective and widely accepted practice.

    Strontium differs from other modifiers in that it retains its modification effectiveness for extended periods of melt holding time. The modification provided by strontium tends to survive repeated remelting so that strontium is commoly referred to a "permanent" modifier. In master alloy form, strontium is the preferred choice in foundries for recovery, safety, storage and handling.

    Add:No.27 Heilongjiang West Rd.qinhuangdao,Hebei,China Zip code:066004
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