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    Application of titanium carbon aluminum grain refiner
    发布人:Qinhuangdao Aolaide Aluminum Industry Technology C    发布时间:2013-12-18
    Titanium carbon aluminum grain refiner

    In casthouse applications, the control of grain size is absolutely essential in maintaining product consistency and quality, reducing costs, and maintaining high levels of productivity. The controlled addition of ALD aluminum’s titanium carbon aluminum grain refiners to molten aluminum releases nucleant particles that promote equiaxed, fine grain structures throughout the cast alloy, thus avoiding formation of columnar crystals. Casting speed can also be increased.

    In addition of a titanium carbon aluminum grain refiner improve homogeneity and allows for a uniform distribution of alloying elements,reduces porosity,eliminates hot tearing in cast structures,improves responsiveness to subsequent heat treatment,and enhancees mechanical properties and machinability in the fabrication process.Continuous injection of titanium carbon alumium rod is a highly effective treatment for all aluminum alloys.

    Decades of research and development into the application of aluminum grain refiners have made titanium carbon aluminum the preferred choice if casthaouses worldwide.ALD aluminum is the important mumber in the development and production of highly effective grain refining agents for the aluminum industry.

    Titanium carbon grain refiner is new modification material used in producing the aluminum alloy wheel hub of automobile and motorcycle and aluminum plate ,sheet, foil and the high performance aluminum casting of aeronautical and astronautical, military enterprises.

    Add:No.27 Heilongjiang West Rd.qinhuangdao,Hebei,China Zip code:066004
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